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Amtgard is a not-for-profit, free, non-sectarian group dedicated to the recreation of medieval and fantasy genres. Amtgard has a vast array of new experiences to offer the interested adventurer, from making clothing appropriate to a certain time period, to wielding a foam padded replica of an ancient weapon on the field of battle.
Located in Plano Texas - Directions                                                                                 Amtgard's official home page
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This park plays under the Version 8 Rules. (as of 4/27/13)                                                                                                  
We are a Wednesday and Saturday Park.                                                                               
Wednesday 6pm-8pm CST.
Saturday 1pm-5pm CST.

Come see what we are talking about
To fight on the field you must be 14 or older and have a signed waiver on file.                              Local Contact  
                                                                                                                                                  Baroness - Eowyn
We hope you will join us!    
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