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      Corpora - [June 9 2013]

Where can I find Amtgard?


   Shield foam:
If you are in the Dallas/Ft. worth area:
                          Foam Fabricators Inc. 900 Keller Parkway Keller, TX 76248 (817) 379-6520 
                          Buzzwords to live by: H-Cell, Laminated Plank, 2 inch, white, density 1.7. 
                                    (Laminated is better than non-laminated.
                                    Densities greater than 1.7 are heavier than needed and tend to be too firm.)
                                    When in doubt mention ASTROLAM.
                                    The black foam works just as good, comes in a 4ft x 9ft sheet

Weapon construction
   Building a sword
   Building Arrows

Shield construction
    Shield cover

   Introduction to Amtgard
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   Being dead and Trenching
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